Why Dont Sisters of Battle Fall to Chaos as Space Marines Do In?

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Why don't Sisters of Battle fall to chaos as Space Marines do in Warhammer 40k?

I’m going to attempt to actually answer this question. Of the 4 previous answers, only 1 answered the question. The question is. I have heard explanations as to why female space marines are not used by the imperium in 40K, but I am wondering why chaos doesn't employ them either. Is there a lore reason, or just games workshop not going for it? The questioner was clearly asking about Chaos use of female Space Marines. 3/4 of the previous answers did not answer that question but instead gave the usual explanations for why there aren’t female Space Marines. The questioner had already heard the explanations for Space Marines. My answer is. We don’t think about Chaos enough. Despite the fact that Chaos Space Marines are, well, Space Marines as much as Imperial Space Marines, we often just don’t make the connection. A World Eater and a Space Wolf both have the same job, but have different employers. Lore reason I can’t really think of a lore reason to be honest for Chaos to not consider female Space Marines apart from having the same problems as the Imperium. In the lore I’ve read, neither side talks about female Space Marines. As the questioner has heard, creating a Space Marine is very difficult and both Chaos and the Imperium may prefer to make do with what t have right now, not take a gamble. Games Workshop If GW isn’t going for it, t’re probably reflecting the views on the fanbase. Although there are fans who want female Space Marines for either Chaos or the Imperium, most fans likely don’t care or don’t want them. Despite the fact that I have created detailed proposals for female Space Marines, I fall into the ‘don’t care’ category. There is another issue with the fanbase as well. T forget about Chaos. Well, maybe not forget, but ignore or dismiss. In the case of female Space Marines, I haven’t read all of the answers, but very few mention Chaos. I said that the Imperium or Khorne should have the first female Space Marines. The others… just didn’t. See this conversation in the comments. William Timonen Its also an easier thing to imagine for Chaos as you can simply have a ”Blood Priestess” or something that just uses warp to make the gene-seed stick on women during the surgery. Richard Jones Thanks! This being the case, I have wondered why no one else here has considered female Chaos Space Marines. T are Space Marines as much as Imperial ones. William Timonen Yeah, and it also makes more sense that t would come up with it from the perspective of. ”Why are these women Adepteus Astartes?” ”Because t wanted to be, and I was to fond of my skull to say no. So I made some warp stuff happen, and voila. Even if many of them has died. I have somehow managed to create ”female” gene-seed.” Where from now on have the logical explanation for female CSM being that with gene-seed being such a rare resource. Letting any of it go to waste is being incredibly stupid. Kind of forcing them to continue creating female marines. Until tre eventually accepted within the CSM. As you can see, at the time of writing no one had thought about Chaos Space Marines. There are 40 answers now and several more mentions of Chaos, but most answers still only cover the Imperium. It’s not just Space Marines though. When the question How would you bring back Squats to Warhammer 40.000 lore? - Quora appeared, there were several proposals. Of 8, only 1 mentioned Chaos Squats despite Chaos Squats already existing alongside Imperial Squats in the same canon. Despite the fact that Squats are equal to Warhammer Fantasy Battle Dwarfs and despite the fact that WFB Dwarfs have Chaos counterparts, only 1 person gave Chaos Squats a thought. I think you can guess who that person was. Conclusion. When people see Space Marine, t often think only of Imperial Space Marines. When t see female Space Marine, t think only about female Imperial Space Marines. Chaos Space Marines, male or female, tend to be overlooked. I’d like to add an interesting point from Matthew Plichta. I recall reading a comment explaining that one reason to lack female Space Marines would be to prevent Astartes from being too independent from the Imperium, but given how so many Chaos forces seem to have thousands upon thousands of Space Marines in their ranks I can't help but think the only way such feats are possible would be if Chaos has had female Space Marines the whole time but the augmentations and mutations made the difference unnoticeable.

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Space Marines are not white. This would be like arguing that chimps aren't black or that dogs aren't black or a cat isn't red. No matter how good a model t are, they would still look like white human beings. Aspirants have skin tones. The difference is that Space Marines are born from a human mother with t genetic code, while aspirants are born with their own genetic code that t developed at conception. T genetic code can only change one way: brown, blue or green. So, although Space Marines could theoretically change skin color, t would not (because they are created with the same genetic code as aspirants). And if t had a genetic modification that gave them their own unique genetic code, then t would have a chance to develop an even more exotic skin color. Because a genetic modification that did make them skin darker would require more.