Why Is the Information on Hunter Bidens Laptop Not Newsworthy?

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Why is the information on Hunter Biden's laptop not newsworthy?

Their version is that Hunter abandoned it at a (blind) computer repair guy.. (It was supposedly damaged and Hunter wanted it backed up.) Then the repair guy came across incriminating stuff, contacted the FBI (who didn’t respond) and ultimately (indirectly) contacted Giuliani’s office. However, there are expatriate Chinese dissidents (who were actually first to report on the existence of this “hard drive”) and t have a very different story (in Chinese, sometimes with English subtitles — t were on Twitter for a while until t got banned). According to them, the Chinese had hacked Hunter’s hard drive in search for blackmailable material. (That is kinda standard practice among all serious intelligence agencies…) However, some people within Chinese state security leaked it, along with other hard disks (unrelated to the Bidens or US politics) to demonstrate to Democrats that Xi is not their friend. However, t were not taken up on the offer and then went to Trump, via Bannon and then Giuliani. The alleged ‘why’ in all of that has to do with internal Chinese matters and is too complicated to go into. (The Chinese guy pictured above is Miles Guo, a billionaire with links to a former Chinese president and other CCP high-ups.) Although t didn’t state it explicitly, IMHO the most likely reason that the contents of Hunter’s laptop were leaked, was to make sure t wouldn’t be useful anymore as blackmail in case Biden won. If election interference was the aim (which IS plausible), then t went about it in a truly amateurish fashion. I doubt t’re that stupid. If winning some court case against Hunter or any other Biden was the aim, t went about it in way that is beyond amateurish. (Because now that evidence is tainted by how it was handled in the media.) I’m quite certain Giuliani — who successfully prosecuted the mob in the ’80s — is not that stupid.

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