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Will book writing, as a profession, ever die?

Yes you can. There is a movement towards indie publishing that has been happening for a few years now. There is a very helpful site here Reports - Author Earnings [ http.//authorearnings.com/reports/ ]. This data is scraped from online retailers. The information that this gives us is invaluable but shows some very important things. It is possible to earn an income however small from writing. Now the difference between making a living and having an income from writing are different propositions...

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One could start writing about 15-23 hours per week until you have sold a book. And then as you move on to more challenging topics you could potentially earn about the same as the author of a 500 page “Best Seller”. But then we are really in the business of books and making people read. And as a result, it is incredibly important to be able to put out a high quality work that is actually enjoyable for people. What you could pay yourself working on a book If you were paid 1 a day... Then the income from the book would be about... 20 If you were paid 200 per hour... The income from the book would be about... 20 What is a Good Night's Sleep? We could try and have a look at a simple rule. What are some good nights sleep? A normal day? 60 What is a Good Morning? 20 How many hours before you.