You Are Given 28 Minutes to Hide a Jpeg Photo in Your Computer?

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You are given 28 minutes to hide a JPEG photo in your computer. Afterwards, a hacker will be given 3 minutes to find it. Where do you hide it?

I would download it to a micro sd card. Then I would open the computer and put it somewhere inconspicuous inside. Then I would use the 20 minutes or so I have left to do a batch rename of as many .jpg files as I could. Then I would watch him go through all the files I just modified.

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After he was done I'd do another batch rename and add the new .jpg files into my computer. Then I'd put the whole computer back together and reboot. Then I'd open the computer, run Photoshop, and play with the new .jpg files And repeat the batch rename of the other files I did. Here's a video that I made about why you should never use an internet connection to edit pictures. After I uploaded the videos to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, the whole world began speculating whether I might use someone else's IP address to make these videos And that it might have been malicious or an attempt to trick others into believing that I was on to something. I have a family member who is married. I have friends who are married. My oldest friend has a 4 yo daughter. If this was someone I knew who had a 4.