You Are the Emperor of the Galactic Empire And You Must Divide Your?

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You are the Emperor of the Galactic Empire and you must divide your forces and your commanders. Who do you choose and where would these commanders be placed in the Galaxy to combat the Rebellion?

In the beginning? Not much. Palpatine played the early parts of the Galactic Empire rather perfectly. He let the Senate be, he focused on bringing Separatist worlds back into the fold, re-stabilizing the galaxy following the Clone Wars, and was generally an actually decent guy in terms of a galactic leader. Naturally, this was all for himself, of course. As he once stated. “I wish to rule over a galaxy of the living, Lord Vader. Not the dead.” Ensuring that his subjects could survive made natural sense. The only real problems that I have with Palpatine’s rule were his over-emphasis on super-weapons. The Death Star, in particular, was a grandiose plan, but ultimately unnecessary. The galaxy is far too large for a single super-weapon to be able to cover the distance necessary to pose a threat that the whole galaxy couldn’t rally up and deal with. He would have been far better off using the materials and resources to construct additional Super Star Destroyers, as t produced far better results overall. A single SSD could pacify an entire star system just with its presence alone, and had enough firepower to fight toe-to-toe with an entire fleet of Star Destroyers/Mon Calamari Cruisers. He also clenched his fist too hard around dissent. People protesting is one thing. If you straight up kill those protesters, those that weren’t protesting might start to think the now-dead protesters may have had a point, especially if it was peaceful protesting. No government is perfect, nor will it ever be. There will always be flaws, but murdering anyone who speaks out against you is a surefire way to get more and more people to start not liking your group of Dark Side cultists. Furthermore, he put too many resources into military funding and not enough into system/world support and development. Yeah, I know, he’s a Dark Lord of the Sith, but the best way to keep a populace under your control is to grant small concessions so as to achieve the overall prize. People aren’t likely to complain much if their needs are met, and even if t do complain, you can simply point out how much you already do for them; it will instantly make the complainer look like an ingrate, painting you as a saint for putting up with their crap. Public opinion will then be on your side, forcing the protesters to crawl back where t came from. You use their own tactics against them. Sidious wanted to rule over the galaxy, unchecked, for at least 1000 years (according to his initial declaration). He barely managed 20. He started strong, but ultimately let his true nature show through when he thought there was no one left to oppose him. His own arrogance was his downfall.

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He was the perfect Dark Lord of the Sith, a master of the Sith arts, but still just an emperor and not a true master like Darth Serious or Count Took.